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How to lose weight: personal experience

Daily seeing yourself in mirror with flab’s at the end gives the feeling of embarrassment. Person who never bothers about being chubby at the end somehow thinks to reduce. When the dresses desired do not fit in that time one realizes to lose weight. Same was with me. Though I have a long way to go in weight loss but still it was my first attempt and I thought it worth sharing for those who do not bother to lose like I used to be. But trust me once you start you will be determined. Only you need is motivation and right direction to how to start:

The “how to start” problem:

This is the most basic and common problem faced by each individual, from where to start and how to start and for this problem you need right guide I was lucky to have proper guide who motivated me. Randomly one day he said what is my routine and how I spend my day that day I ignored him but later the seed to reduce my weight cropped in my mind.

One day when I felt I can’t dance I used to and I get tired early than I decided to take his help and from that day I started working in that direction. Weight loss dream turned into reality just because of him.

  • What was first step?

The next step was accessing what is the problem. Fatness is one disease which has multiple causes and to know why I am getting fat was the first step. I was asked by my guide to give my routine and my food chart and he found out that I carry almost nil physical activity.

Almost every one of us face the same problem, because of busy life we just bang our heads in front of computer screens and forget to work on our physical health. And, here my first step started.

  • The next move:  

Now, I was given a diet plan and some exercises looking at my routine and according to the minimal work I was indulged in. To have balanced weight you need to have following equation:

Calories consumed = Calories burned

But, when you are desperate on weight loss then your equation should be:

Calories burned > Calories consumed

And, following this equation I started with low calorie diet and slowly and gradually I started losing weight. Yes, it is difficult very difficult to give on your favorite food but then all you can do is resist your temptation or delay your craving so that a the end they just vanishes. Like if you feel like eating chocolates, just convince yourself you will eat in evening and in evening say that you will eat tomorrow and that will somehow end your craving because cravings are temporary and ends in short span.

Last words:

Though I haven’t attained the perfect shape as it will take time but I can see the work of three months and the thought that I can lose helps me to work in that direction. Being fat is not bad but it is bad when it creates troubles for you, when you start losing self – confidence in you.

Lastly, to win any battle it is necessary to have faith and belief that you can do it and trust me you will. I won because of help of the person who guided me and with the belief which obviously was build over course of time.