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Reason why weight gain?

This post is basically for people who ponder that thay are not eating too much but still they are getting fat. Here, I will tell you the whole mechanism of an individual gaining weight. Weight largely depends on two main things

–          What you take in as in the caloric consumption

–          And, secondly how much you burn the consumed calorie.

What you are eating?

Though everyone can’t measure the exact intake of calories on meter but still one should have approx idea of what are they taking in.  generally people eat less but what they eat is not right. Take for example if you eat one choclate pastry and two chapati’s the calorie consumption is same. So, you can’t say I just ate one pastry because it contains loads of calories even if you eat one bite of choclate it is contains high calorie value.  So, eating less is not necessary , having less calories is necessary.

Physical exercise?

Generally, we come across people who crib that I eat so less still I am getting fat. I have an answer to all such people it is because they are not burning there calories. It is very simple process that food is required for physical work and if you do not burn what you consume your body will become store house of calories and that will in turn make you fat.

Metabolism of body: the 3rd factor:  

The metabolism is very important factor in weight loss it affects a lot and because of high and low metabolism sometimes your body weight depends which ultimately depends on food you take and work out. Both of the factors jointly affects metabolism of the body.

Here is a simple reason why one gets fat, it is because you eat eat and eat but you tend to ignore physical exercise which is very necessary. So, get up and stir your body parts so that you can burn certain calories and reduce your weight rather than cribbing.

Food to avoid and food to eat:

Ok! So the first step to weight loss is low calorie diet. And, it is in a way lot more beneficial too.  You can reduce considerable amount of kg by having low calorie diet. So, now the problem is what is low calorie and what one should eat? This post will help you to tell what all one should avoid while one is on low calorie diet and what one should eat in order to lose weight.

What should be avoided?

  1. Strict no to junk food:

Mac D, domino’s have become part of our day to day life. Even in every corner of road you get all junk food for snacking. We can see people with burgers or patties in hands and running to catch buses and trains. No, they are not doing any good with themselves and if you form part of such crowd I am sorry you can’t lose. It is better to take some time and eat healthy. Replace burgers and patties with brown loaf and diet biscuits. Trust me you will have better day with healthy food. In fact grab fruits and while working hours also if you feel hungry take something which is healthy rather than snacking on anything which helps you in gaining weight.

  1. Carbohydrates: see before you take:

Yes! Potatoes, rice etc are rich source of carbohydrates and if you are aiming to lose then you will have to sacrifice on such food stuffs. Carbohydrates are rich source of energy and with that it also has tendency of imparting more and more calories in you. So, having them in your meal will only help you to gain extra calories. So, a limited amount of carbohydrates is necessary.

  1. Sugar, another weight gainer:

Sugar, chocolates, sweets etc are weight gainer. They are terrific in caloric value.  And it is good if you avoid such things because then you will have to work a lot to reduce.

What to eat?

  1. Fibrous diet:  fiber helps a lot in weight reduction, you can include porridge , oats, vegetables etc they are rich in fiber content.
  2. Sprouts , healthy snacks:  they are best when come to weight loss , include them in your diet as they are source of nutrients imparting minimum calories.
  3. Fruits are best source but keep a check which to eat and which not to eat, like apple if eaten daily helps in weight loss.

Simple tips and reduce your weight:

Habits that can cause you big trouble: trouble of getting fat:

Positive, motivation: weight loss

How to lose weight: personal experience:

Daily seeing yourself in mirror with flab’s at the end gives the feeling of embarrassment. Person who never bothers about being chubby at the end somehow thinks to reduce. When the dresses desired do not fit in that time one realizes to lose weight. Same was with me. Though I have a long way to go in weight loss but still it was my first attempt and I thought it worth sharing for those who do not bother to lose like I used to be. But trust me once you start you will be determined. Only you need is motivation