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Simple tips and reduce your weight

  • Walk and talk: 

The famous Idea Cellular phone advertisement though wasn’t taken seriously but it had very important message. Talking on phone has become the most common habit for almost all of us. We pass our half of the time while talking on phone than why not make it useful.  Walk, walk and walk it burns calories. So, now whenever your phone rings or you call someone walk and talk.

  • Drink water:

Water is the best source to help your body function in proper direction. Most of the fat people have one common problem of bad digestion and to work on that it is necessary that one should have plenty of water. Water act as lubricant and hence help your digestive system to work properly keeping your weight controlled. So, guys drink water. In fact to keep the water content in your body balanced you can eat fruits which are good source of water content like water melon.

  • Eat salad:

Salads are good in water content. It is advisable that before eating any meal if you eat salad your stomach will be filled already or your hunger will be quenched that will ultimately help you to eat less. That means gain of less calories and ultimately helping you to gain less. Seasonal vegetable are always available at cheaper rates so it is one brilliant weight loss tip with limited budget.

  • Replace white bread with brown bread:

Most of our daily diet is becoming bread based. We rely more on burgers, pizza, sandwiches etc so all you have to do is just replace these with brown bread. Yes, brown bread is easily digested causing you less digestive problem. These days the major reason of weight gain is junk food. So, if you want to satisfy your taste buds and also weight lose than it is better to eat brown bread.

  • Habits that can cause you big trouble, trouble of getting fat:

We all have some lazy habits and some habits which will cause weight gain like drinking excessive Tea/coffee or soft drinks. These habits need to be curbed they are the major reason of weight gain. Laziness is other deadly habit which causes weight gain and if you want to lose weight then it is high time to forget such habits.

  • Positive, motivation: weight loss:

It is not always just actions but sometime the inspiration or to put it right motivation is very much required. I personally believe that having positive hope and faith will help you to achieve your goal in much easier way. I too use to think that I can never lose but motivation from friend and inner faith helped me to reduce. So, first of all and importantly the major tip to weight lose is faith.