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Weight loss, Dream v. Reality.

Weight loss is not an easy task, indeed. But, it is not an impossible task too.  It is never easy to reduce, difficulties like time constraint , ever demanding taste buds somehow never let you think for losing your extra calories for more then a week. We all face this problem, we all are ambitious in the initial days of losing weight but later that we fail. weight loss like any other activity is dream for those who have gained a lot.

The basic requirement for weight loss is dedication,because if you are not dedicated you can’t ignore the luxuries which come to your way. The easiest way to start with this fight  to convert dream into reality is by setting a target. Rather then setting euphoric target be practical and set a decent goal. The next step is how to reduce. so, here is one basic reason as to why we gain, because the caloric consumption per day is more then what an individual burns and hence they tend to gain weight. The concept is easy as the calories burnt are less then consumed the remaining calories are stored in our body leaving an individual gaining weight.

so, check your diet and your routine. sometimes, following the footsteps of others we copy the weight loss schedule of others but that is not correct way because requirement of  each individual differ and there routine too so they will have to rely on different weight loss schedule. Now, you decide what is your requirements and set your diet accordingly and also work out plan.

Remember to include healthy food items and check calorie content before consuming anything. For a start hope this post helps you.